Langham 10km and Fun Run Background

The Langham 10km and Fun Run is an annual event organised by the Friends Of Langham School (FOLS),
a charitable organisation. The route winds through picturesque Constable countryside, and this late
summer event is recognised locally as one of the most enjoyable and friendliest. The race now annually
attracts over 1000 runners, with a good mix of Club Runners of all abilities and those just
running to keep fit or just for the fun of it from neighbouring counties and beyond.
The FOLS committee.

Who are The Friends of Langham School? (FOLS)

The Friends of Langham School (FOLS) is a charitable organisation of parents and local people who work
to raise funds for the school. Our aim is to enhance the children’s experience of school life and help the
teachers by providing additional resources which they might not otherwise receive.
Some of the fundraising events we organise throughout the year include a Summer Fete, the Langham 10K
Run & Fun Run, school discos, an Easter Egg hunt, quizzes, a camp-out/BBQ in the school field and a
Christmas Bazaar. The children and parents alike thoroughly enjoy these events, as you can imagine.
In the last couple of years FOLS have funded improvements to the outside space of Class 1 buying
amongst other things a climbing frame, willow dome, chalkboards, raised beds and a wigwam.
Other things we have funded are school workshops including carnival, maths, puzzle, Olympic
and passport days, computer software, help with coach travel costs, and purchasing furniture
such as storage cabinets for class 4 and a book display and storage unit for Class 2.
In 2013, some of the money raised from the 10k Run & Fun Run
paid for the refurbishing of the school’s library.
Buying new furniture and shelving, as well as a substantial number of books.
In the current year amongst other things, we are spending money to improve the outside space
at the front of the school and looking at various eco projects to install solar panels.
By taking part in the event, you are helping to ensure that both the school and local
community continue to flourish, thank you for your support.